• AfroCentric is committed to making healthcare more affordable and widely accessible. Our transformed and integrated service offerings enable us to do this by optimising the healthcare value chain. Recently, we have grown our business organically and through acquisitions to position it as a sustainable and leading healthcare player.

  • By completing the integration of new acquisitions into our business and leveraging the power of technology to transform client service, we are moving closer to achieving our ultimate goal of universal healthcare.

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  • Ahmed

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  • Who we are    What we do
  • Where we operate
  • Structured to reduce healthcare costs

Who we are    What we do

Who we are

AfroCentric is a majority black-owned Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed investment holding company providing services and products to the healthcare sector. The Group was founded in 2008 on the core philosophy of promoting transformation and empowerment.

What we do

Through our operating subsidiaries, we increase access to sustainable, affordable and quality healthcare by providing health administration, health risk management and a range of complementary solutions across the healthcare value chain to our medical scheme clients and their members. A primary lever in our strategy is to reduce the cost of healthcare by eliminating inefficiency throughout the healthcare value chain.

Why we exist

Our purpose

Enhancing quality of life.
Where we are going

Our vision

Transforming healthcare.
How we will get there

Our mission

To innovate a new integrated model of sustainable healthcare that measurably improves access to quality healthcare.
Underpinned by

Our values

  • Act with integrity and trust
  • Go the extra mile
  • Cultivate uniqueness
  • Act with integrity and trust
  • Go the extra mile
  • Cultivate uniqueness

Executed via our strategy

To expand and diversify AfroCentric's presence in the broader healthcare industry to achieve our ultimate goal of universal access to healthcare.

Driven by our strategic objectives

The following icons illustrate AfroCentric's strategic objectives and are used throughout the report to illustrate strategic integration across elements:.

Enhance shareholder value Maximise growth opportunities Reduce the cost of healthcare Improve efficiencies through cost consciousness
Diversify revenue sources Deliver exceptional client service Promote transformation Uplift our people

Our performance

  • 3.7 MILLION
    lives under our management
    5 923 EMPLOYEES
    in South Africa and other countries
  • 18
    client medical schemes in southern Africa
    revenue growth
    health risk manager
    return on equity

Where we operate

Where we operate

We operate in six sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Structured to reduce healthcare costs

Structured to reduce healthcare costs

AfroCentric's primary functions are the administration of medical schemes and provision of health risk management services.

These functions represent the non-healthcare expenditure of medical schemes and account for less than 10% of expenditure (the healthcare Rand) in the broader distribution of medical schemes spend.

AfroCentric is the most diversified healthcare company in southern Africa that mainly focuses on transforming healthcare to enhance people's quality of life. Our business model is well aligned to demonstrate our abilities of reducing inefficiencies within the healthcare value chain.