AfroCentric is the most diversified healthcare company in Southern Africa. To leverage our integration model, our business is organised into three primary clusters, namely medical aid administration, risk management and technology, pharmaceutical, and our corporate solutions offerings.

To better understand the value delivered through our business clusters


Medical aid administration,
risk management and technology
Corporate solutions

provides its established clients with a full spectrum of health administration and health-risk management services.

Pharmacy Direct
distributes and delivers medicine to urban and rural areas for medical scheme clients and government's CCMDD programme.

AfroCentric Integrated Corporate Solutions combines newly acquired Sanlam Health, PHAs and FastPulse to provide integrated health and wellness solutions to the workplace.

AfroCentric Technologies
is a market leader in technology-based products and services. Its systems connect millions of scheme members, schemes, doctors and hospitals internationally.

is a speciality pharmaceutical wholesaler, procures and supplies pharmaceutical products to Pharmacy Direct, Activo Health and other major wholesalers in Gauteng.

Wellness Odyssey
provides people-centric wellness solutions that identify non-communicable clinical risk; promote awareness and supply educational material; refer designated high-risk members to established disease management programmes; and provide home-based care services to scheme members.

AfroCentric Health Solutions
is the international cluster for AfroCentric Health, providing access to medical fund administration, health insurance administration, health risk management, medical fund and health insurance administration information technology (IT) platforms, practice management systems, medical claims switching solutions, wellness management software and programmes, as well as health provider network services.

Activo Health
specialises in importing and marketing pharmaceutical products and trades in all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

provides comprehensive medical insurance cover with private medical facilities.

Aid for AIDS
has been the industry leader in HIV/AIDS management since 1998. The business coordinates care between funders, doctors, pathology labs, pharmacies and patients. This includes designing, developing and delivering unique and encompassing programmes that help businesses care for and manage medical schemes for individuals with HIV/AIDS. The business seeks to design programmes that understand patients' needs and equip them with the treatment and tools needed to lead normal and fulfilled lives.

is a national pharmacy network that manages chronic and acute medicine through a capitation arrangement, where healthcare providers are paid a fixed amount per scheme member to incentivise efficiency, cost control and preventative care. The business provides drug utilisation reviews, and Scriptpharm medicine formulary is a list of medicines approved by medical schemes that are considered safe, clinically appropriate and cost-effective for the treatment of specific conditions.

is licensed to offer DBC, an individualised, evidence-based, multi-disciplinary treatment approach to managing musculoskeletal disorders. Klinikka provides DBC equipment and administration services to 21 musculoskeletal treatment centres in Southern Africa.

MMed Distribution (MMed)
is a specialist procurer and distributor of affordable pharmaceutical, surgical and medical products and devices. It has distribution agreements with several multi-national manufacturers with a national footprint. MMed partners with private hospitals and improves their cost-efficiency by providing a fully outsourced stock supply and management service.

AfroCentric Distribution Services
is a specialised marketing and sales company that offers a full suite of marketing services and comprehensive distribution channel management.

is a tech-based contributor to the medical sector that empowers healthcare communities by providing access to information that enhances total individual care. Allegra strives to seamlessly gather and share vital information with appropriate healthcare providers, funders and other stakeholders, ultimately resulting in enhanced quality of life for patients.

Private Healthcare Administrators (PHA)
is a medical scheme administrator that leverages its technologically advanced systems to provide innovative healthcare solutions to its open and corporate scheme clients.